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About Cyrela

Cyrela Brazil Realty is one of the best developers in the Brazilian residential real estate market. Thousand families have chosen the solidity and safety of a company that has been growing for the last 50 years.

Currently, Cyrela has more than 15,000 employees and constantly invests in people through its Corporate University and social responsibility programs. It is a company that contributes to the neighborhoods improvements where it acts through urban enhancements and also caring for the environment through waste management undertaken at construction sites. It is a company that makes a point in adding value to the life of stakeholders.

Cyrela is satisfied to have built a respectful name and to have become a synonym of quality, based on its achievements and innovative history. Having delivered more than 56 thousand homes, Cyrela has 200 construction sites in action in 67 different cities in 16 Brazilian states, in the Federal District.

Bring your dreams to live and to invest in a Cyrela project.


Cyrela is the brand behind our high-end and luxury projects. Here we turn land into life projects. With this in mind, we seek to get a handle on what is important to you so we can offer you real estate solutions that will blow you away. Your desire for a Cyrela product translates into our careful attention to every single detail, after all, our products are made for those who want to live or invest with quality, tradition and style.


Many families and investors have chosen the Cyrela Group’s brand Living to be a part of their lives since 2007. Our goal is to be the best option for those who are changing their lives. We seek to improve day by day, from finding the best land to building more efficiently. If you are looking for a property with many qualities, we have the best offering for you.


Vivaz is a Cyrela Group brand created to fulfill the dream of home ownership at the right value.

It is a business partner you can always count on.

We build homes specially designed for people like you: determined, bold and independent. We believe we can do more when we work together. And we find the best way to help you realize this dream by listening to you.

That is how we combine our efforts and ideas to find a clever way to achieve lower costs, good quality and careful execution.

Jointly with the Minha Casa, Minha Vida program, Vivaz builds dreams with solid foundations and creates opportunities for everyone.


Cyrela Urbanismo has been the brand behind our urban development projects throughout Brazil since 2006. We seek places full of charm and stories that will be translated into full-fledged real estate projects based on a surprising concept combining exclusive leisure facilities, construction quality and integration with the environment. It is a brand that adds value wherever it is present. All the details are carefully planned to enhance the natural features of each area, as unique as every story that will take place in a Cyrela product.

Living, with a share in Cyrela’s business, is an independent company that focuses on the economic and super economic segments. With its own headquarters, it operates in all stages of the business. Living already has operations in 14 states and is one of the largest players in this segment.