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Business Model

Cyrela has operations in all stages of the real estate business, both in an independent manner or via partnerships, but it always holds the control of the project through a vertically-integrated model that comprises development, construction, sales and services. Its model is driven by a sales strategy based on three pillars: research, training and quality control.


Real Estate Development

Celebrating 50 years in business, Cyrela focuses mainly on high-end and luxury residential and commercial buildings, which it constructs independently or through partnerships, in different regions of Brazil.

In turn, Living develops middle-segment residential buildings throughout Brazil.

Vivaz is the company’s brand operating in the economy segment jointly with the Minha Casa Minha Vida program.




Cyrela is recognized for its construction expertise. It has gained this recognition because of its great concern about quality control, which follows strict requirements and is supervised constantly. This is only possible because Cyrela invests continuously in new and improved construction techniques and employee training. In addition, it has built trusting relationships with several suppliers since inception, which provides lower costs, shorter time frames and better quality.

Cyrela uses standardized construction techniques and is involved in a large number of construction projects; as a result, it achieves significant economies of scale when purchasing construction material and hiring services.

Cyrela operates in the middle and economy segments through Living and Vivaz respectively.




Preference Cyrela is a service that allows you to customize your unit by choosing kits offered in the customization area of the customer website. This area is available for a pre-set period. It is more than a communication channel since it has a team dedicated to answering your questions and handling your preferences.

A brand owned by the Cyrela Group company BRC, Facilities offers its customers a number of conveniences through specialized service providers. It not only protects the essence of the project by preserving it and valuing it, but also has a website with all the information about the condo and pay-per-use services. It also provides a concierge to cater to each client’s needs, such as welcoming party guests, ordering flowers, finding a mechanic for their car, etc.