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  1. 1962

    Cyrela is founded in São Paulo, SP.

  2. 1981

    Cyrela Construtora and Seller (own sales team) are created.

  3. 1994

    Brazil Realty, a joint venture with the Argentine company IRSA, is founded.

  4. 1996

    Brazil Realty’s IPO.

  5. 2000

    Beginning of the partnership of Cyrela with RJZ Engenharia, in Rio de Janeiro.

  6. 2002

    Acquisition of IRSA’s interest in Brazil Realty.

  7. 2004

    Cyrela’s subsidiaries are grouped under Cyrela Vancouver.

  8. 2005

    May – Merger of Cyrela Vancouver into Brazil Realty and change of the company’s name to Cyrela Brazil Realty S.A. Empreendimentos e Participações (CBR).

    September – Cyrela’s IPO being traded on BMF&Bovespa’s Novo Mercado.

  9. 2006

    Beginning of the geographic diversification with eight partnerships, in seven Brazilian states.

    January – Agra Empreendimentos joint venture is established.

    February – Mac Empreendimentos joint venture is established.

    April – Goldsztein Cyrela joint venture is established to operate in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná. Plano & Plano Participações joint venture is established. Merger of RJZ Participações into Cyrela.

    July – Cyrela’s follow-on share offering.

    December – Introduction of Living, the brand behind our economic and super economic segments until 2013 and our middle segment launches since 2014.

  10. 2007

    January – SK Realty Empreendimentos joint Venure is estabilished.

    April – Cyrela’s first debenture issue, in the amount of R$500.0 million, maturing in seven years from the issue date, with annual amortization in three equal and successive installments, from April 1, 2012 to April 1, 2014.

    April – Lucio Brazil partnership is formed.

    July – Concima Participações, Cury Construtora and Cytec+ joint ventures are established.

    August – Cyrela Commercial Properties (CCP) is created, deriving from the spin-off of the operations involving corporate real estate, logistics hubs and shopping malls development and administration. CCP’s shares started being traded on Bovespa’s Novo Mercado on August 9.

    December – Joint venture established with Lider for operations in Minas Gerais and Distrito Federal.

  11. 2008

    January – Second public debenture issue in the amount of R$499.5 million in two series maturing in 10 years, with rate rollover in two and three years.

  12. 2009

    Living becomes a fully independent company, with its own headquarters and focused on the economic and super economic segments.

    June – Merger of Goldsztein Participações into Cyrela.

    September – Cyrela’s 3rd issue of simple debentures in the amount of R$ R$ 350,000,000.00 (three hundred and fifty million Reais).

    October – Cyrela’s 3rd public share offer (Follow-on).

  13. 2010

    September – Cyrela 4th issue of simples debentures in the ammount of R$300,000,000.00 (three hndred million Reais).

  14. 2011

    January – Creation of Instituto Cyrela.

    May – Issue of Real Estate Receivable Certificates – under the name of Brazil Realty Securitizadora (Cyrela`s subsidiary) in the amount of R$ 270 million.

    July – 5th issue of debentures in the amount of R$ 550 million in June/2011.

  15. 2014

    New visual identity launched.

  16. 2015

    October – Cyrela takes over full control of JV Plano & Plano Incorporações Ltda. by acquiring the remainder of its units of ownership.

  17. 2016

    June – Cyrela enters into a subscription agreement to participate in the capital increase of Tecnisa S.A.

    October – Cyrela has a 13.62% equity stake in Tecnisa S.A.

  18. 2017

    April – Cyrela and Tecnisa S.A. approve at meetings of their respective Boards of Directors a new share subscription agreement connected with Tecnisa S.A.’s capital increase. As a result, Cyrela maintains its 13.62% equity stake in Tecnisa S.A.

  19. 2018

    August – Cyrela creates the Vivaz brand and now operates in the economy segment in partnership with the Minha Casa Minha Vida program.