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In line with the best Corporate Governance practices, Cyrela has a People Committee and several Commissions to support Management’s decisions.

Definition of Committee:  an advisory body that provides the Company’s Board of Directors with contents and analyses to help it make decisions

Definition of Commission:  an advisory body that provides the Company’s Executive Board with contents and analyses to help it make decisions

The People Committee submits and approves the variable compensation model to be applied to all the Company’s hierarchical levels. In addition, it reviews and approves Cyrela’s overall compensation, as well as examines and approves the organizational chart of each Company department. The Committee meets ordinarily twice a year, but there may be special meetings as required by the Company.

The People Committee and the People Commission are different bodies in that the former follows a more strategic approach and makes broader decisions whereas the latter focuses more closely on the Company’s operations and makes day-to-day decisions related to assistants, apprentices, coordinators, etc.

Cyrela has several other Commissions, as seen below:

  • Business Commission;
  • Landbank Commission;
  • Communications Commission;
  • Tax Commission;
  • Ethics Commission;
  • Credit, Collection and Transfer Commission;
  • Engineering Commission;
  • Financial Commission;
  • Launches Commission;
  • Structured Operations Commission;
  • among others.